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I was born and bred in West Yorkshire, in Wakefield. I have had a variety of jobs and careers over the years, but books and education are my first loves. I have worked in various law firms specializing in family law and commercial leases, criminal law and conveyancing. I also worked as part of a nightclub management team, worked for BT as an MOD Operator, and various other jobs. I often got bored and moved to the next challenge! 

Books have been a huge love of mine, since I was a little girl and my mother used to buy me a Ladybird book every week. I adore the written word, and romance has always captured my heart on the screen and on the pages. I am a sucker for a book that swells your heart and takes you away from the reality of the real world. 

I am also a Post 16 tutor specializing in autism, SEN and SpLDs and have worked for various organizations, FE institutions and schools. 

During the pandemic in 2020/2021 I worked as an English tutor helping to catch up high school/college students as part of the Government Covid-19 catch up program. 

I am passionate about autism and SEN, and my own two children are both on the spectrum. I am extremely proud of them both, and my son Jayden published his own picture book on Autism to help other children when he was 11. Autistic Alfie was illustrated by local artist/illustrator Liz Kay, and is available in libraries across the UK, and on Amazon. 

I love to chat books, and about all aspects of writing. 

I also have an MA in Creative Writing from Teesside University, and have taught bespoke creative writing and self publishing courses. 

I also run author talks through organisations and local libraries, and am available for bookings for groups and private sessions online. 

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