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Mr Right Next Door - out now!

My next Boldwood release, Mr Right Next Door is out now!

This book arose from my love of Best Friends to Lovers, but also from the saying nice guys finish last. Badboy romances are always well received, and it's always fascinated me. The likes of Christian Grey are always loved - the grey alphas, and I know from experience and dating that the bad boys are not always Mr Right, but often Mr Right Now.

Rory Gallant came to me in a scene, not as a man, but as a scared little boy. A little boy who saw the chasm in his parents' marriage - the way his father hurt his mother by not being the man she deserved - a flawed human being who didn't trust in what he had, or cherish it - but was always looking for more.

When I wrote the first scene in the book, I cried. A lot. That's when I knew I had to tell the little boy's story through to adulthood. As ever, alongside the romance I wanted to explore the relationships around him and how they were fractured and healed. How they changed and evolved. At the heart of who we are, our human experiences from the moment we are born shape the way we view love - how much we trust it, how much we trust others. It shapes what we see in a person, what we need from them and what we can give in return.

I hope you love Rory's story - the link is on the website - let me know what you think!


A heart-warming romance from bestselling author Rachel Dove

On her deathbed, Rory Gallant's mother begs him to be a good man, and to not behave like his caddish father, Doug.

Now all grown up, Rory is a good man, but loves seems to elude him. Maybe he does need to be a bit more of a cad after all?

Deciding to follow the cad dating rules, and with a bit of help from lothario Doug, Rory decides to become the complete opposite of the man he really is….

Rory’s best friend and neighbour Sarah doesn’t understand why Rory thinks he needs to change to find love – he’s perfect just the way he is. She’s determined to show him that he doesn’t need to change in order to find love.

That maybe it’s standing right under his nose…maybe even right next door?

Please note this book was originally published as Nice Guys Finish Lonely by Rachel Dove

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